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6FTF-500 Wheat Flour Production Line

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6FTF-500 Wheat Flour Production Line
Technical Parameters
Capacity: 500 MT/ 24 H Power supply: 1716.85 KW(including cleaning system 265.45 kw)
Total weight of the equipment: 370 T Dimension of the factory: 51300×9000×30000 mm
Container: 40'×20+300 m³ bulk.

    Wheat Flour Production Line
    The automatic Wheat Flour Production Line adopts the whole pneumatic control, has the advantages of high sensible action, neat and tidy, no pollution to the environment; It can be operated both in separately and centralizer.The Wheat Flour Production Line has one sensible impulse that can control the quantity change of materials to achieve self-control feeding together with the servo system.

    The parameter for 500T/D Wheat Flour Production Line:

    1. Total length of the roller: 50000mm

    2. Capacity(wheat/24h): 500T/24h

    3. Flour extraction:  to produce grade 2 flour: 72 -76%

                                                     to produce grade 1 flour: 66-70%

    Technics for cleaning system:

    Four sieves, two beating,one brusher two removing stone, and four magnetic selecting.

    Technics for flour system:

    Four MMD25/125 mills, Twenty MMD25/100 mills, Seven FSFG8×24F plan sifter series and make up of 4B.7 M.2S.2T and 3bran grinder.

    Super Fine Flour :


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