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6FTF-30 Flour Mill Machinery

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6FTF-30 Flour Mill Machinery
Technical Parameters
Capacity: 30 tons / 24 hours Raw grain: soft wheat, Hard wheat
Final products: wheat flour, semolina, bran Flour extraction rate: 75-82%

    Small scale Flour Mill Machinery

    Flour Mill Machinery Processing Line:

    1. Cleaning Section:

    Technology in cleaning part: One sieve, one scourer, One washer.

    2. Milling Section:
    Smashing makes the material granularity suitable when it enters into the flour milling machine so as to improve grinding efficiency.The flour milling machine can grind the material into flour.

    Technology in flour milling part: Four sets of 6F2235 double roller mill, consisting of the milling technology of flour break, six sieves , one bran brusher.

    3. Packing Section:
    The ware can reduce the amount of labour used. Measuring and packaging can adopt manual or electrical measuring and packaging according to actual needs.

    Auto-weighting&packing scale. Automatically Finish the function of materials control packaging, weight display, packaging sequence, process concatenation, fault alarm combined into one.

    Flour Mill Machinery Main Parameter:

    Model: 6FTF-30
    Min Warehouse Dimension(L*H*W):

    124000×8000×7500 mm (tripod structure)                      

    Weight: 18T
    Power(kw): 75kw
    Voltage: 380v
    Container 40" GP*1+20'GPx1

    Which kind final products we can get from the wheat flour mill?  And the usage of the products? 
      A: Semolina(very high gluten)-----Pasta 
        Strong flour (gluten >13%)------Bread 
        Plain flour (gluten 9%-12%)-------Noodle, Steamed bread
        Soft flour (gluten<8%)------Cake, Biscuit

    Our Factory View:

    Shijiazhuang Goldrain I/E Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of all types of flour milling machine for wheat/maize/corn.We can design and manufacture complete sets of flour processing line. The production capacity is 5-1000 tons per day.we have many years of experience in supplying flour machinery.


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