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6FTF-25 Wheat flour mill equipment

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6FTF-25 Wheat flour mill equipment
Technical Parameters
Capacity: 25 tons / day Dimension of the factory: 16000×6000×4500 mm (tripod structure)
Total weight of the equipment: 24 T Power supply: about 67KW

    Wheat flour mill equipment

    This is small capacity process 25 tons raw grain per day,consist of cleaning section for raw wheat,remove impurities out,then conditioning water on grain surface and body,let the endosperm separate out from the skin easily,in order to easy grinding the granular, also classify and sifting different grades of flour,collect more super fine flour extraction rate.Widely used in people daily life.

    Remark :

     Technical for cleaning system:

         One sieves, two beating, one removing stone, one washing and one magnetic selecting.

     Technical for flour system:

          Six mills ,eight sifter and make up of 3B.3M. and 1 bran brusher.

    The parameter for 25-28T/D wheat flour milling machinery

    1. total length of the roller: 2100mm

    2. capacity(wheat/24h):   25T/24h

    3. flour extraction:  to produce standard flour:75-82%

    to produce grade 2 flour:70 -75%

    to produce grade 1 flour: 65-70%

    4. flour quality:  obe the People's Republic of China's GB1355-88 standard

    5. Used under: Voltage: 380V, Frequency: 50HZ, below an elevation of 1000 m.

    6. power supply: about 67KW

    7. total weight of the equipment: 24T

    8. Container:40’×1

    9. dimension of the factory: 16000×6000×4500mm (tripod structure)

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