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6FTF-10 Wheat Flour Mill Machine

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6FTF-10 Wheat Flour Mill Machine
Technical Parameters
Capacity: 10 tons/24 hours Workshop size: 14000*5000*4500 mm
Total power: 41 kw Container: 20’×1

    Wheat Flour Mill Machine

    This 10 tons / 24 hours Wheat Flour Mill Machine can process wheat into super fine flour, suit for making bread, biscuit, cake food, If you adopt Hard wheat, then you can get semolina, which do paste and couscous, the wheat semolina with high gluten stay a long time.It's belong to small capacity wheat flour mill machine, only need workshop 14*5*4.5 meter.

    Brief introductions

    1. Technology in cleaning part: One screen, one scour, One washer.

    2. Technology in flour milling part: two sets of 6F2235 double roller mill, consisting of the milling technology of flour break, two reduction, one bran brusher

    3. Total length of the roller: 1400 mm

    4. Production capacity: 10 tons of wheat/24 H.

    5. Flour extraction: Standard  flour:70-85%

                     Grade 2 flour:10%

                     Bran: 15-20%

    6. Power supply: 41.15 kW.

    7. Used under: Voltage: 380V, Frequency: 50HZ, below an elevation of 1000 m.

    8. Workshop style and dimension: Triangle-framed workshop, with 14m long and 5.0m wide, and 4.5m under the beam(14m×5m×4.5m).   

    9. Container: 20’×1

    10. Delivery time: 30 days.

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