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6FTF-80 Wheat flour milling plant

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6FTF-80 Wheat flour milling plant
Technical Parameters
Capacity: 80 tons / day Power supply: 215 kw
Total weight of the equipment : 40 T Total size : 32900(L)*9000(W)*8500(H)mm(Tripod structure)
Container: 40’×3+20’×1.

    Wheat flour milling plant

    We have two design for this wheat flour milling plant, one is steel structure type, another one is building storied type. We can produce Standard flour, grade 1 flour, grade 2 flour according to your request. If we classify flour according to Protein content, it will be High gluten flour, Middle gluten flour and Low gluten flour.The ash is a index inside the flour, the normal is 0.55--0.8%. And our standard index is 0.57% in the best flour.

    The parameter for 80T/D Wheat flour milling plant:

    Total length of the roller: 7000mm

    Capacity(wheat/24h: 80T/24h

    Flour extraction: To produce standard flour: 75-82%

                            To produce grade 2flour: 72-75%

                            To produce grade 1flour: 70-72%

    Flour quality: obey the people’s republic of China’s GB1355-88 starndard

    Volume weight

    Faultiness grain content

    Impurity content

    Mineral content

    Moisture content

    Odor content







    Ash:to produce grade 2 flour: 0.80%(dry weight) to produce grade 1 flour: 0.65%(dry weight)

    Technical for cleaning system:

    Two sieves, two beating, One removing stone, three magnetic selecting,one washing.

    Technical for flour system:

    Fourteen  Milling, Six bin square sifter, of 4B、5M、1Sand 2Bran finishers.


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