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6FTF-40 Wheat flour processing line

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6FTF-40 Wheat flour processing line
Technical Parameters
Capacity : 40 tons / day Power supply: 114 KW(cleaning system 22 kw)
Total weight of the equipment: 32 T Dimension of the factory: 28000×8000×7500 mm (tripod structure)

    Wheat flour processing line

    Our Flour processing line could process soft wheat and hard wheat.If you want produce semolina and wheat flour at same time,We suggest you process hard wheat, the extraction of semolina is about 30%.If you only want produce semolina,We suggest you produce durum wheat, the extraction of semolina is about 75%.Soft Flour in our Market is a very fine flour for High end cake, and it only use US Soft Wheat. ASH is very low, around 0.48 to 0.50.

    The parameter for 40T/D Wheat flour processing line:

    1. Total length of the roller: 4000 mm

    2. Capacity(wheat/24h): 40T/24h

    3. Flour extraction: to produce standard flour: 75-82%

    to produce grade 2 flour: 70 -75%

    to produce grade 1 flour: 60-68%

    4. Flour quality: obe the People's Republic of China's GB1355-86 standard( base on China grade 3 wheat)

    Index of grade 3 wheat:

    Volume weight


    Faultiness grain content


    Impurity content


    Mineral content


    Moisture content










     Ash:to produce grade 2 flour: 0.80%(dry weight)

                            to produce grade 1 flour: 0.65%(dry weight)

    Loading and packing :


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