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Conveying Equipment

Transport system has two types, one is horizontal type, Screw conveyor, Scraper Conveyor.
The other is vertical type, bucket elector.The function is transport the raw grains into machinery to work.
  • Screw conveyor
    Screw conveyor
    The impetus generated by the rotating screw blade is used to move materials for a short distance in a vertical or inclined direction. The screw conveyor is a piece of conveying equipment.:  
  • Bucket elevator
    Bucket elevator
    It is used for the lifting of power and granule and is the main machine for vertical conveying.:  

The flour mill plant is full automatic line, when the grain goes into the machines used by the Bucket Elevator,Screw Conveyor,Scraper Conveyor to transport. Goldrain bucket elevator has different capacity from 2 ton per hour to 50 ton per hour. And the scraper conveyor discharge the grain from the Grain Silo into the Flour Milling Plant to process milling .Vertical and horizontal transport equipments reduce much more labors and Improve work efficiency。

Factory Production

For Flour Milling Machinery , our factory produce 2 serious: Wheat Flour Mill and Maize Milling Machine.
For wheat flour mill could process soft wheat,hard wheat, durum wheat into wheat flour, semolina,breakfast flour.
For the maize milling machine could process corn(maize) into maize flour, maize grits,maize meal, roller meal etc to satisfy different customers' requirement.
Both wheat milling plant and maize meal plant, we offer capacity from 10 ton /24hours to 500 ton / 24hours.
Now annual output can reach 500 sets for large and medium-sized flour mills.The latest introduction of fully automated spraying technology, the machine spraying effect is brighter.

Our wheat flour mill and maize milling machine has passed the ISO 9001 certification, all products that have passed the ISO9001 certification have reached international standards in the integration of various management systems, indicating that the company can continue to provide customers with expected and satisfactory qualified products.

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Goldrain factory exported many flour mills to Africa and South America.Such as 30 ton/day maize meal machine to DRCongo, 50ton/day maize flour milling machine to Tanzania,100mt/day corn flour mill to South Africa,and some small flour mill to Benin, also 50 mt/24hours Corn Flour Machine to Nigeria,50mt/day Wheat flour mill installed in Brazil.