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Grain Cleaning Equipment

The raw grain contains many different kinds impurities, if not remove them, not only hurt the machinery, but also influence the final flour quality.The most effective machine is grain cleaner and peeling machine, remove small and big impurities.
  • Gravity classifier destoner
    Gravity classifier destoner
    This GRAVITY SELECTOR is mainly used for wheat first cleaning and screening, grading of wheat, concentrating on light impurity (buckwheat, Grass seeds, Blighted wheat, worm wheat) and removing stone and sand.It also can be used for other cereal grains and seeds selection, like as grading and cleaning dust an stone for barely, corn, soybean, paddy, brown rice, Rye etc.:  
  • Plane revolving sifter
    Plane revolving sifter
    rotary separator is designed to remove both coarse and fine impurities from wheat based on their differences in size. For medium-quality grain, the separation rate varies depending on the impurity type, and the detailed values are listed below:   1. Coarse impurities: ≥80%
    2. Fine impurities: ≥60%   3. Light impurities (with aspiration channel): ≥60%
    4. Mistakenly separated plump grain: ≤1%  
  • Wheat washer
    Wheat washer
    wheat washer is a wet cleaning machine that is commonly used in large and medium sized flour mills.:  
  • Intensive dampener
    Intensive dampener
    To guarantee that the moisture content of wheat meets the requirements of following procedures. As a continuous and highly efficient machine, this product is designed to add exact amount of water into the wheat, and then the water is uniformly distributed with the help of a screw conveyor.:  
  • Wheat brusher
    Wheat brusher
    This machine,through impacting,pressing and mopping the wheat,can remove the husk hairs,and clean the impurities sticking on the wheat grains.:  
  • Air suction separator
    Air suction separator
    Remove dust, husk and other low-density impurities from cereal grains, and it is the ideal device to cut down ash content of grains before grinding.:  

Grain Cleaning Machine is the necessary part in milling plant, it will remove the impurities from the dirty grain .The raw grain contains many different kinds impurities, if not remove them, not only hurt the machinery , but also influence the final flour quality . So in the cleaning section we adopt High efficient vibrating sieve, De-stoner, Plan revolving sifter, wheat washer, wheat scourer, Damper, Magnetic separator etc to clean the grain.

Vibrating sieve

To remove small and large impurities by horizontal and vertical slinking movement.

Magnetic separator: They are mainly used to separate the magnetic metal impurities from the material 

Scourer: It’s very important condition for the decreasing of ash content and increasing of high quality flour to remove the final vestiges of dust, bread, crease dirt and any other surface dirt .

Plane revolving sieve: After scourer, we need Classify. It separate large impurities (such as stones earth lumps, straws, paper) and smaller impurities (loose earth, smaller seeds) from wheat by mean of plane motion of sieve box.

Gravity Classifier Destoner: to remove the stone and other same impurities.

Damper: 1.Keep complete bran: remove the Endosperm from the bran.

Factory Production

For Flour Milling Machinery , our factory produce 2 serious: Wheat Flour Mill and Maize Milling Machine.
For wheat flour mill could process soft wheat,hard wheat, durum wheat into wheat flour, semolina,breakfast flour.
For the maize milling machine could process corn(maize) into maize flour, maize grits,maize meal, roller meal etc to satisfy different customers' requirement.
Both wheat milling plant and maize meal plant, we offer capacity from 10 ton /24hours to 500 ton / 24hours.
Now annual output can reach 500 sets for large and medium-sized flour mills.The latest introduction of fully automated spraying technology, the machine spraying effect is brighter.

Our wheat flour mill and maize milling machine has passed the ISO 9001 certification, all products that have passed the ISO9001 certification have reached international standards in the integration of various management systems, indicating that the company can continue to provide customers with expected and satisfactory qualified products.

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Goldrain factory exported many flour mills to Africa and South America.Such as 30 ton/day maize meal machine to DRCongo, 50ton/day maize flour milling machine to Tanzania,100mt/day corn flour mill to South Africa,and some small flour mill to Benin, also 50 mt/24hours Corn Flour Machine to Nigeria,50mt/day Wheat flour mill installed in Brazil.