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6FYDT-250 Corn Flour Grinding Machine

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6FYDT-250 Corn Flour Grinding Machine
Technical Parameters
Capacity: 250 tons / 24 hours Dimension of the factory: 39x12x9 m
Total weight of the equipment: 90 tons Power supply: 450 kw

    Corn Flour Grinding Machine

    This 250 tons / day Corn Flour Grinding Machine is a larger capacity in Corn flour plant with storied building, it refers to the whole corn four milling plant, which consists of impurities removing, cleaning, flour milling, measuring and packaging process. 

    Corn Flour Grinding Machine consists of vibrating sieve, classifying destoner machine, air blower, air suction duct, degerminator, germ extraction machine, corn peeling machine, corn polishing machine, flat sieve.

    Brief introductions:
    Full Automatic processing line:

    Cleaning section-------Milling section------Packing section

    1. Capacity (maize/24h): Production capacity: 200-250t/24h

    2. Flour extraction: 

    1Maize fine flour: 80~85%
    2Maize germ:710%
    3Maize bran: 812%

    3. Guarantee: One Year

    4. Backup Service: One year spare part for free.

    5.Power supply: 450 kw

    6.Total weight of the equipment: 90T

    7.Dimension of the factory: 39x12x9 m


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