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6FYDT-5 Corn Grinding Hammer Mill

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6FYDT-5 Corn Grinding Hammer Mill
Technical Parameters
Production Capacity: 5 ton/day Final Products : maize flour, small corn grits, big corn grits

    Corn Grinding Hammer Mill

    This Corn Grinding Hammer Mill  is a advanced small machine, consist of Corn / maize Peeling system, Corn grinding system, Flour sifting system in one all. You can get three final product in one time from this small corn processing equipment. And the corn flour, corn grits fineness could be adjusted.

    Production Capacity: 5ton/day
    Final Products: maize flour, small corn grits, big corn grits
    Voltage: 380V,415V,220V available
    Power(W): 11kw
    Weight: 260kg
    Dimension(L*W*H): 2200x600x1300 mm

    Corn Grinding Hammer Mill technology:

    --Maize peeling part

      1.Remove light dirty particles such as straw, leaves, soil, etc.
      2.Remove maize seed skin, germ, root and hilum, and get clean maize kernel. 
    ---Maize grits milling part
      1. Adjust a hand wheel to decide what sizes of grits to produce.
      2. Crush peeled maize into different sizes of grits 
    ---Grading part
      1. There are two sieves, one metal grits sieve and nylon flour sieve.
      2. Crushed maize grits go through grits sieve and flour sive.
      3. The seives grade maize into three products: one big size grits, one smaller size grits and endosperm maize flour

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