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6FYDT-60 Maize Mill

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6FYDT-60 Maize Mill
Technical Parameters
Capacity: 60 ton / day Final products: Corn flour, Corn grits
By products: Corn germ, bran

    The Maize Mill includes the cleaning Conditioning system, peeling system, grain grinding system, sifting system, weight and packing system, you will get different final products from our maize flour milling machine: corn flour, corn meal, without germ and bran.

    Advantages of Maize Mill

    Our Maize Flour Milling Machine have scientific design and configuration, elegant appearance, high efficiency, low power consumption, low production costs, with low noise and zero pollution.

    Main Parameters:

    Model 6FYDT-60 Maize Mill
    Capacity 60T/24H
    Products variety 1) Maize fine flour 2) Maize germ 3) Maize bran 4) Fodder flour
    Extraction rate
    1) Maize fine flour: 80~85%
    2) Maize germ: 8-12%
    3) Maize bran and Fodder flour: 8-12%
    Installation type Steel Structure

    Corn meal Maize meal

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