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6FYDT-300 Maize Milling Machine

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6FYDT-300 Maize Milling Machine
Technical Parameters
Capacity: 300 tons per day Workshop size: 5.40×8×22 m, Four storied building
Power supply: About 720 kw

    This 300 ton Maize Milling Machine is a four storied building with the first story 4m high, the second 5.0m high, the third 4.5m high, the fourth 5.0m high. The fifth 5.0m high.The raw grain was removed impurities through cleaning section,cleaner remove dust , beater remover impurities, damper and washer make sure the necessary moisture of maize, which can make the maize be broken easily when going through the flour milling machine. we adopt pneumatic roll mill and multi-section square plan sifter to grind and sift, then get different micron meal, impulse dust remover make sure the workshop without dust when running.

    1. Final products:

    1) Maize flour: all through 40M

    2) Maize germ

    3Maize bran

    4Coarse fodder

    2. Quality of final products: 

    Maize flour: magnetic metal content≤3mg/kg, moisture ≤13.5% 

    Maize germ: purity≥70%

    3. Extraction rate:

    1) Maize flour: 80%

    2) Maize germ: 8-12%

    3) Maize bran, coarse fodder and impurities: 8-12%

    4. Requirements of raw material: high horn corm, moisture ≤13%, impurity content ≤2%, mildewed and wormy kernels ≤1%.Maize Milling Equipment

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