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6FYDT-10 Maize Mill

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6FYDT-10 Maize Mill
Technical Parameters
Capacity : 10 ton / day Workshop size: 16.5*7*4.5 M
Power: 43 kw Final products : corn flour, corn grits.

    This Small Capacity Maize Flour Mill with capacity 10 tons per day, the final products will be breakfast meal, roller meal, separate germ and bran out, making Fufu, Ugali, Nshima etc Africa food. It's a compact Maize Flour Mill during Maize Milling Line, not occupy many size, but also easy to install, of course we will offer installation service for your maize flour mill, spare parts will be supplied within 10 days all over the world.

    Material: All the steel plate of the machine ,the thickness is 2.5 mm.

    Noise: less then 85 db.


    Maize Flour Mill Processing way:

    Raw maize---  Elevator-----High efficiency vibrating sieve------Elevator-----destoner------Screw  elevator------Mid-container-----Elevator------Magnetic separator -----Maize crusher -----Roller mill-----High efficiency square sifter-------final products------Weight & packing machine

    Maize Flour Mill Technical data:

    1. Production capacity: 10 tons of maize/24 hour

    2. Corn Flour Extraction Rate:

    1) Corn flour: 35-40%

    2) Corn grits: 40-45%

    3) Corn germ and maize bran :15-20%

    Pls note: the corn flour extraction rate could be adjusted

    3. Workshop(L×W×H, m): Length 16.5m, width 7m, height 4.5m under beam.

    4. Power supply: about 43kW

    5. Voltage: 240V, Frequency: 60HZ.

    6. Container: 1×20`

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