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Aeration system

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Aeration system
Technical Parameters

    Exhaust Fans:
    Exhaust Fans are placed at the roof section of the silos and used in special aeration systems where the silos are placed in a humidity region.

    Roof exhausters help your aeration fans effectively control grain spoilage in storage bins with flat or pitched roofs. These high volume fans produce the effective sweeping action needed to reduce condensation on the top of your grain.

    Roof vents are designed to carry out the warm air from the silo and during this process to prevent any object to enter inside the silo.
    Roof vents situated in silos are manufactured to be mounted on the roof. Vents that entirely produced with bolts are also assembled to the roof with bolts. Seal elements that are used during assemble of the roof vents, protect %100 of that region against rain water.

    Roof ventilation valves and exhaust fans

    For the exit of warm and humid air caused by the aeration fans, roof ventilations are designed. The design of these ventilation systems are in a way to prevent outside objects to enter inside the silo.
    In high capacity silos, exhaust fand are designed on the ceiling for better ventilation.

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