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GR-S250 Galvanized Steel Silo

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GR-S250 Galvanized Steel Silo
Technical Parameters
Silo Capacity: 250 tonnes Silo plate : hot-Galvanized sheet
Zinc coating : 275 g /m2 Bottom : Hopper Bottom Silo

    Galvanized Steel Silo with 250 MT is a Hopper Bottom Silo ( Conical Bottom Silo ),the silo plate is hot-dip galvanized steel sheets, with zinc coating 275g/ m2, 375g/m2, 450g /m2 3 levels . Inside the Steel Silo we equip the Temperature Sensor System, Fumigation System,Thermal Insulation System, De-dusting System in order to keep the grain inside the Storage silo a good stage .

    The advantages of Galvanized Steel Silo :

    (1).The period of construction is short.
    (2).Simply installation method: bolted assembly.
    (3).High accuracy.
    (4).Save material steels.
    (5).Good tightness.
    (6).Easy maintains.
    (7).Life time can up to 30-40 years.
    (8).Less foundation cost because of the lighter weight.
    (9).The steel silo is made of galvanized steel sheet.
    (10).The main structure of assembly steel silo: roof of silo, silo body, stiffener, high-strength bolt and tightness.

    Galvanized Steel Silo

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