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GR-S150 Steel Cone Base Silo

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GR-S150 Steel Cone Base Silo
Technical Parameters
Silo Capacity: 150 Tons Silo diameter: 5.5 meter
Silo Sheets: Corrugated Installation: Bolted Silo

    Steel Cone Base Silo Application:

    Steel Cone Base Silo are widely used in storing grain(wheat, corn, barley, rice soybean, sorghum, peanut ...) seeds, flour, feed etc., which need to be cleaned continually.

    Steel Cone Base Silo

    Steel Cone Base Silo General Flow:

    Unload grain from truck---dumping pit ---conveyor---pre-cleaner---elevator---hopper silo---conveyor---Transport grain to truck/workshop/packing machine

    Steel Cone Base Silo Auxiliary System : 
    1. Ventilation System   
    2. Temperature Sensor System
    3. Fumigation System
    4. Thermal Insulation System
    Discharge: scraper conveyor

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