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Indoor Wall Panel

Indoor Wall Panel

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Bamboo and wood fiber integrated wall also called WPC Wall Panel is a new green material that can be recycled.It is made from a unique combination of wood fiber and new plastic through large-scale extrusion. It has the characters of wood’s workability, plastic’s diversity and flexibility.

WPC Wall Panel widely used in many area,including house dining room,bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen room, balcony, TV background wall, hotel, restroom, entertainment place, meeting room, lobby and so on.

Features : * Highly Termite Resistant * Fire Resistance * Anti-Corrosion Characteristics * High Durability & Long Lasting * Easy to Assemble and Fix * Environment Friendly * Excellent Finishing * No Bending, Cracking & Seepage

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Indoor Wall Panel also called Indoor WPC Wall Panel, which is made of natural bamboo and wood fiber, light calcium carbonate, polymer resin with other auxiliary materials, adding flame-retardant polymer high temperature extrusion, there are three specifications: groove panel, flat arc board, plane board. The product use the resin adhesive film on surface, hollow and straight outside. And WPC Wallboard is extracted from the natural growth of bamboo fiber, is the fifth natural fiber after cotton, hemp, wool, silk.

WPC Wall Panel is a kind of new green and convenient decoration material which can integrate environmental protection, heat insulation, moisture-proof, heat preservation, fire prevention, sound insulation, fashion and other elements.


WPC(wood plastic composite) is an emerging industry, it is eco-friendly and can be recycled, WPC series products have no adhesive ,zero formaldehyde etc. and will also completely replace the uses of wood ,plastic ,aluminum and etc. and will also completely replace the plywood in the future development, because it has no formaldehyde, eco-friendly, waterproof, anti-flaming ,moth proof, non-toxic, no smell ,nailed, planing, sawing, painting, drilling, simple and quick installation, colorful, diverse specifications etc.

Main material: Natural activated carbon, natural bamboo powder, light calcium carbonate, polymer resin, and new PVC are the five most important materials.

The bamboo fiber is used to extract cellulose, and it is made into a substrate by high temperature and high pressure. The color is further processed.


WPC wall cladding panel


Wood powder ;PVC powder;Calcium powder;Additives


use the resin adhesive film ,High temperature coating or roll coating process.


300*9mm;600*9mm.length can be done 2000mm --5800mm.


waterproof,Fire-reterd,Eco-friendly,Mothproof and formaldehyde free etc.


Used for wall cladding.ceiling in home,shop, hospital,resterant,school,baby room,KTV.etc.interior decoration


Nailing,Sawing,Screwing,Drilling and etc.

There are 2 ways of seams, one is seamless, the other is V seam


1.The biggest advantages : it can be directly installed on rough wall use clips, Replace Puttying,Plaster, Paint, Wallpaper, PVC panel.

2. Save time and energy----- No need to scrape putty .

3. 100% formaldehyde free----Not like Paint /PVC panel.

4. Thermal / Sound insulation.

5. Fireproof / Waterproof------ suit for bathroom ,Not like PVC panel.

6. No cracking, no expansion, no deformation, no maintenance---Not like plaster.

7. No moldy, Good breathability----Not like Wallpaper

8. Variety of colors and visual effects-----3D,woodgrain,marble ..

The Differences Between WPC and Wood Materials

Characteristic WPC Wood
Using property Humid stability More stable Will expand after water absorption
Durability Longer Shorter
Termite resistance Yes No
UV stability Higher Lower
Acid and alkali resistance Higher Lower
Anti-aging sun Higher Lower
Maintenance Painting No Need Yes
Cleaning Easy Difficult
Maintenance cost No maintenance, low cost High cost
Colors Can be customized Just wood color
lifetime More than 10 years Need to be maintained every 1 or 2 years
Environment effects Formaldehyde-free and tasteless;Safety and environmental protection keep indoor ventilation for 1-2 months before moving in.
Construction period ShortCan be installed directly on the rough wall, modular assembly structure, fast installation and less time consuming LongHigh requirements on the wall, cement workers must be moisture-proof treatment of the wall
Cost Low costStandardized and modular products, ordinary workers who know a little woodworking technology can be installed, only $3-4 / square meter HighThe installation requires experienced woodworkers. The installation cost is about $10-12 / square meter
Installation Very easy Easy

Different Colors

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3D Indoor Wall Panel

Our Factory

Factory area is covering more than 12000 square meter and has a number of fully automated production lines. As China’s first batch of wood plastic material manufacturers also R&D leaders, Goldrain has passed the national environmental protection inspection every year since 2010. we are the first to import the whole line which comes from the German advanced PUR coating technology.


Product Packing

The package of production goods is combined in PE film inner packaging and three layers of corrugated packaging. Internal and external packaging all can be customized.
We can offer fumigation-free wooden boxes for the LCL delivery .Expenses need to be accounted for separately.
The production goods can be loaded directly into containers as FCL shipments.
We can offer different forms of packaging according to the specific requirements of customers.



Interior Decoration Wall Panel

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