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How to start the Flour Mill ?

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Many customers don't know how to start a flour mill, when we said flour mil it usually has 2 types : Wheat Flour Mill and Maize Flour Mill .The big different is raw grain, while the same of them is both have different capacities , and complete flour production line with Grain Cleaning System,Flour Mill equipment, and Final Flour Packing Machine .Because of the different capacity , result the Steel Structure Warehouse different size .

When you want to start the Flour Milling Plant business, the below 3 points need to think :

First you need to consider the raw grain thing : which grain is more in your country and which kind grain people eat more in their daily life. 

       For maize, in Africa most are white maize m people eat white maize meal, below is a form for reference:


Nshima or ubwali


mealie meal



corn flour



white maize meal



white maize meal



Cornmeal, mealie-meal (white maize)

Posho or Kawunga 





cassava flour


DR Congo

white maize meal


South Africa

white maize flour

Tuozafi (or t.z)


maize flour


Upper West Region of Ghana

maize mealie



corn flour


Second, grain store thing . Where you put your raw grain ? if less investment in Initial, you can put it in your warehouse made by cement . Now these years, many people aware of the importance of Grain Silo.

Silos are used in agriculture to store grain (see grain elevators) or fermented feed known as silage. Silos are more commonly used for bulk storage of grain, coal, cement, carbon black, wood chips, food products and sawdust.

What is the Silo features ?

1. Material : hot-galvanized steel sheets, its thickness is generally 0.8 ~ 4.2mm, and wall plates thickness up to 8.4 mm, with zinc coating 275                          g/m2 on the surface .

2. Assembly type :  Fabricated steel silo , which is a mechanical roll and molded into corrugated sheet punching, and use the electric torque wrench with high strength bolt assembly. 

3. Good tightness ,High precision,continuous spiral steel silo bite edge thickness is five times of the parent metal, Strengthen the resistance load capacity of steel silo.

4.High degree of standardization. We make steel silos as per customer detailed requests

5.Short construction period, low cost  ,easy maintain

From the silo features, we can see the advantages and function of the grain silo :

1. Easy loading and unload for the grain :  we equip the bucket elevator and screw conveyor for handling the grain in and out , which is a easy way than the human labor Manual handling 。

2. Make a good stay condition for the grain : Inside the storage silo, we equip the Temperature sensor system, Ventilation system,  Fumigation system, Thermal insulation system etc Aeration system , making sure a good save environment for the grains .

3. Adjustable silo volume : we produce the silo capacity from 100 tonnes to 5000 tonnes unit type, which can can greatly satisfy your needs.

4. Investment less :  steel silo with less of foundation and light weight , compare the cement workshop, silo is Economical.

5.Long life span : it can use until 80 years .


Last , is the grain workshop design . We Goldrain offer steel structure warehouse according to the flour mill capacity you chose .