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Semolina Milling Plant

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Semolina-----made from Durum wheat , is usually used for making paste, while the staple food in Algeria called Couscous, which made by semolina also . 

Modern milling design in our Shijiazhuang Goldrain I/E Co.,Ltd. is adopt the rollers , adjusting the roller distance to get different grades flour . The complete line is: Cleaning & Conditioning; Milling & Sifting; Packing.

But in Africa, some places called Semolina means Corn grits---a relatively coarse grain powder, a granular type. They use semolina done for their tranditional food----Nshima, FUFU,Ugali etc .

In a word, not only the fineness flour but also the granualr grits, the flour mill machine can be meet.

Collecting high quality flour is the biggest flour mill advantage .

The capacity from 10 ton /day to 500 ton /day , bigger capacity higher configuration technology .