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About Steel Silo

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Silo use hot galvanized plate to make the silo body. Silo wall bolt holes one-off press forming, put the steel plate by trays, and use bolt to assemble.


1. Flat bottom  / Cement cone base :

  The capacity is comparatively big and the diameter is below 12m, its base is generally made into cement cone base. Cement cone base is an inverted cone hopper cast into frame with cement and concrete. It makes unloading stuff automatically. When the silo diameter is more than 12m, because the cone base height is too big, its base generally made into half-cone base or flat cone base. Half cone base can’t completely unload the stuff. Flat base silo needs to unload stuff by sweep auger.


2. Hopper Silos :

The capacity is below 800t and the diameter is below 8.5m.

silo base can make into steel cone base. Steel cone base is composed of upright columns, annular girder, cone plates, tie pieces etc, the upright columns are made of national standard 1-shaped steel and 1-shaped steel is one of the most widely used steel types in steel structure design and manufacturing. Annular girder is shaped by channel steel and it has the function of supporting silo body, connection columns and silo base plates. The cone base plates are completely precast, the connection screw bolts are GB 8.8 grade standard parts.