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Quick install Indoor Wall Panel

Quick install Indoor Wall Panel

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3D Indoor Wall Panel is made of natural bamboo and wood fiber, light calcium carbonate, polymer resin with other auxiliary materials, adding flame-retardant polymer high temperature extrusion, there are three specifications: groove panel, flat arc board, plane board. The product use the resin adhesive film on surface,hollow and straight outside.

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Decorative Indoor Wall Panel

Wall Panel WPC

Are you afraid of damp and mildew on the wall?

Are you afraid that wallpaper is flammable?

Are you afraid of children's scribbling?

Are you afraid of endless formaldehyde odor?

Are you afraid of a long decoration cycle?

You're lucky, because you've seen this new type of decorative wall panel.

Now let me introduce this kind of wall material, bamboo and wood mixed integrated decorative wall panel to you in detail.

Decoration WPC Wall Panel Features

1)Paint free,Waterproof, moisture-proof,anti corrosion,it solve the problems that expansion and deformation of traditional wood product

2)Eco-friendly,Health,No polution,recyclable,no benzene,Zero Formaldehyde

3) inflaming retarding, does not produce any toxic gases
4)Easy installation,quick installation,save installation time and cost,low Maintenance cost,easy to clean

5)High strength,high hardness and high density

6)Wear resistant,anti insect.and anti aging

7)Durable, Similar wood texture surface,High hardness than plastic,long lifetime,high strength,energy saving

8)Good stability,stability is better than solid wood,non crack no warping and non deformation,

9)The color is optional,strong plasticity,rich in color,colorful effect,beautiful decoration styles

10)Good machinability,it can be laid,planed,sawed,drilled and painted on the surface

3D Wall Panel
Waterproof Wall Panel
Decorative SPC Wall Panel
Quick install WPC wall panel

Different colors:

Decorative SPC Wall Panels
Decorative SPC Wall Panel
Indoor 3D Wall Panelling
Indoor 3D Wall Board

Easy Installation

Decoration WPC Panel
Decoration WPC Wall Board

The product is made of environmental protection calcium zinc formula, the material is 100% environmental protection, free of formaldehyde, heavy metal elements and other harmful ingredients. Environmental protection and health, no peculiar smell, firm bonding, color fastness for 30 years.

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