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Rice Flour Milling Machine

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Rice Flour Milling Machine
Technical Parameters
Capacity: 50-60 ton / day Raw grain : paddy
Final product: rice, rice flour

    Rice Flour Milling Machine

    Reference to the Rice Flour Milling Machine,It is able to clean the paddy into rice , and then deep process rice into flour.

    Let's learn more about the Rice Flour Milling Machine:

    Many single machine make up the Rice Flour Milling Machine,the whole line include cleaning section,milling section and packing section.
    There are Rice Flour Milling Machine with input capacity of 5-500 Tonnes .Different capacity have different configuration.The higher configuration with the machine,the better fine flour could be gotten.
    Cleaning section:
    There are some single machine as follows: high-speed vibrating sieve,Husking and separator,
    Through out above machine,the dirty raw paddy will turn to the clean paddy .

    Corn Milling Machinery
    gravity classify destoner
    corn embryo selector
    Rice milling and grading:
    There are different type of White Rice Mill Grader.The mill is main machine to get white rice from paddy.

    In order to get different super fine rice, we use White Rice Grader ,Polishing Machine and Color sorting machine to get bright rice .

    Packing section:
    The small capacity of Rice flour making machine line is packing by manual, and the big capacity is suit to use automatic weighting &sewing scale.The automatic one have two type:10-25kg, 25-50kg.

    auto weighting packing machine
    weight packing machine

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