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Technical Parameters

    Steel structure warehouse/workshop is a new manufacturing concept replacing traditional manufacturing.
    It includes a structural frame and standard roof and wall support, which is factory-made and is erected according to your site dimension.

    It has features of less construction time, high quality, low maintenance, cost-effectiveness.

    1. Width-length-height of prefabricated steel structures: Developed by the owner’s needs, with no size restrictions.
    2. Roof slope: The slope of the roof affects the roof drainage problem. Typical roof slope is i = 15%
    3. Between columns: The distance from the axis of the column along the long side of the structure to the axis is defined as the column, which is determined by the length and use of the prefabricated building.
    4. Load: including live load, dead load, additional load, wind load, deflection limit, internal crane system, etc.

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