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WPC Indoor Wall Panel

WPC Indoor Wall Panel

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WPC Indoor Wall Panel is a new environmental friendly material that no formaldehyde, non-toxic, High toughness, sterilization, high hardness.The bamboo fiber is used to extract cellulose, and it is made into a substrate by high temperature and high pressure. The color is further processed.

  • FOB Price: US $4 - $8/ Piece
  • Material: wood powder, bamboo powder and Calcium powder, environmental high polymer material.
  • Surface: use the resin adhesive film ,High temperature coating or roll coating process.
  • Application: Hotels , commercial building ,hospital ,schools ,cooking rooms ,washing rooms, inner decoration
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    The WPC Indoor Wall Panel is a new type of decorative building material, which is widely used in interior modeling installation for household and public.
    Integrated wall panel can be applied in various occasions, including house dining room, bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen room, balcony, TV background wall, hotel, restroom, entertainment place, meeting room, lobby and so on.  


    WPC Indoor Wall Panel is made of natural bamboo and wood fiber, light calcium carbonate, polymer resin with other auxiliary materials, adding flame-retardant polymer high temperature extrusion, there are three specifications: groove panel, flat arc board, plane board. The product use the resin adhesive film on surface, hollow and straight outside.

    Product Name: WPC Indoor Wall Panel
    Feature: Fireproof and waterproofStable longevityAnti-acid and anti-erosion

    Moisture-proof and aging-proof

    Ultraviolet radiation resistant

    Anti-moth and corrosive-resistant

    Good looking and easy cleaning

    High intensity and impact-resistant

    Simple and fast installation

    Size: Thickness: 9mmWidth: 30, 45cm, 60cmLength: 3m or as per your request
    Material: Natural activated carbon, natural bamboo powder, light calcium carbonate, polymer resin, and new PVC are the five most important materials.
    Colors: More than 200 colors
    Surface Treatment: Printed/High Gloss/Laminated/Foiled Laminated
    Payment & Shipping Terms: 3000 Square Meter or 1x20’container
    Packaging Details: Plastic shrink film or Carton 10PCS/pack
    Eco-friendly Wall Panels


    1. Prevent borers and moisture-proof

    Waterproof Wall Panels

    2.Fireproof and sound insulation


    3. Good load-bearing


    4.Quick installation


    5. Good toughness:


    The Differences Between WPC and PVC

    Characteristic WPC PVC
    Material Using Natural bamboo wood as the main raw material Non-natural material;Based on polyvinyl chloride
    Performance Good fire resistance, can effectively flame retardant, fire rating reached B1, self-extinguishing in case of fire, and does not produce any toxic gas. Afraid of burning cigarette butts, sharp tools
    Environment effects Formaldehyde-free and tasteless;Safety and environmental protection keep indoor ventilation for 1-2 months before moving in.
    Installation Very easy.Simple installation and convenient construction High requirements for construction foundation


    Factory View

    GOLDRAIN is specialized in the R&D, production and marketing of Indoor Wall Panels, Flooring Board and Skirting. The product line covers different models such as WPC Wall Panel, SPC Wall Panel, WPC Flooring, SPC Floor Board, WPC Skirting, SPC Skirting Board.

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