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Grain Silo Application In Modern Agriculture

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In out traditional mind, we usually store the grains inside a warehouse, like cement building one, at the same time, a lot of problems have arisen.For example, grain will be bitten by insects, and a series of problems will occur.With the innovation of technology, Steel Silo appeared. It is a assembled type with hot-galvanized steel plate, according to the volume, we divide the silo into Flat Bottom Silo and Conical Bottom Silo.

3000 Mt Silo

It is a modern operating system,full automatic line : raw grain----Cleaning Process Equipment-----Handing Equipment ( Loading and Unload ), also inside the silo, we equip the Temperature Control System, Level System, Ventilation System, thus the grain inside keep a good status .

For the Flat Bottom Silo, some people may find a problem: Difficult to discharge, but we Goldrain well-designed basic waterproof structure, strict ground handling requirements, air transport and air pressure balance must be strictly dried, and the wall tightness must be strictly controlled. And try to make the bottom of the discharge corridor above the groundwater level. It is necessary to design the sealing material valve when the failure of the material feeding port is difficult to discharge, so as to realize the maintenance and replacement of the material feeding port. And design spare emergency discharging materials, so as to clear the warehouse safely and deal with unexpected difficulties such as accidental compaction. 

Another problem is tilting of the silo, but we Goldrain priority is given to the use of rigid foundations and rigid foundations to ensure that the materials are stacked uniformly and that single-point discharge is preferred. Although there are advantages in the multi-point discharge, it is easy to cause material deflection due to human error or failure at some blanking ports. Although the multi-point discharge can cooperate with the corresponding weighing and metering system to ensure that the discharge amount of each point is the same, thereby preventing the partial loading of materials, due to the accumulation of statistics and other errors, the possibility of partial loading is actually very high due to human error. High, its main advantage is that because there will not be a simultaneous failure of the material feeding mouth, a large amount of material will be stored in the warehouse, which will help to reduce the workload and difficulty of clearing the warehouse. This has outstanding advantages for single-point discharge. In addition, the discharge rate of multiple discharges is higher. In the case of soft soil or large foundation treatment costs, the foundation for percolation can be used, but in regions with high soil carrying capacity, a rigid non-settling foundation should be used. 

Flat Bottom Silo Foundation

All these above can be avoided. So the good foundation is very important, the second problem will be easily solved. The first step to remember to put out positions can be avoided. For more details about Steel Silo, please contact us freely .