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50 Ton / Day Wheat Flour Mill---Brazil

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In 2011, we installed this 50 TPD Wheat Flour Mill , the workshop is steel structure warehouse,  workshop size : 30000*7500*7800 mm .Complete content with Cleaning and Conditioning section, Milling and Sifting section, and final Flour Packing Section .This Flour Mill Plant can process both soft wheat and hard wheat.This machine is used for flour and semolina production plant provides fast wetting for grain by water, saving dampening time. The rotor consists of steel pallets. It is the effective equipment for cleaning of grain from glumes, because of the fact that the grain is moving on in machine as squeezed.

If you process soft wheat ,you can get :

           Grade 1 flour: 65-75%

           Grade 2 flour: 10-15%

           Bran: 15-20%

If you process hard wheat ,you can get :

          Semolina: 30-40%

          Wheat Flour: 30-35%

          Grade 2 flour: 10-15%

          Bran: 15-20%

50TPD Wheat-Flour-Mill