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6FTF-70 Wheat Flour Making Machine

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6FTF-70 Wheat Flour Making Machine
Technical Parameters
Capacity; 70 tons / day : Dimension of the factory: 33000×9000×8000 mm (tripod structure)
Power supply: about 180 KW. Container: 40'× 3

    Wheat Flour Making Machine

    Goldrain Machinery for Wheat Flour Making Machine with the capacity 10 ton per day to 500 tons per day, this flour processing plant can process soft wheat and hard wheat, you may get different final products like semolina, wheat flour, remove bran for animal fodder. Semolina for paste and couscous in Algeria market, Wheat Flour suit for bread, biscuit, cake, noodles etc.

    Wheat Flour Making Machine technical :

    Technical for cleaning system:

    Three sieves, Two beating, Two removing stone, One washing and Two magnetic selecting.

    Technical for flour system:

    Six mills , five FSFJ2×12×83 double-bin sifter sieves, one FSFJ1*83 single sifter sieve make up of 4B,6M,1S and 2 bran brusher.

    The parameter for 70T/D wheat flour making machinery

    1. Total length of the roller: 4800 mm

    2. Capacity(wheat/24h): 70T/24h

    3. Flour extraction:  to produce standard flour:75-82%

                                        to produce grade 2 flour:70 -75%

                                        to produce grade 1 flour: 60-65%

    4. Flour quality: Obey the people's republic of china's GB1355-88 standard

    5. Power supply: about 180 KW.

    6. Total weight of the equipment: 31 Ton

    7. Dimension of the factory: 33000×9000×8000 mm (tripod structure)

    8. Container: 40'× 3

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