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GR-S 100 Hopper Bottom Silo

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GR-S 100 Hopper Bottom Silo
Technical Parameters
Silo Capacity: 100 Tons Silo Bottom: Hopper Bottom Silo

    This is our Small capacity grain silo, 100 tons Maize Silo with Hopper Bottom cone base: steel/cement; steel cone base angle:45°/60°,equipped with automatic thermometric system, silo use hot galvanized plate to make the silo body. Silo wall bolt holes one-off press forming, put the steel plate by trays, and use bolt to assemble.

    100 Ton Hopper Bottom Silo Basic Data:

    Diameter 4.6 m
    Silo Capacity  100 tons
    Silo Bottom Steel Cone Base Silo
    Layer 8

    100 Ton Hopper Bottom Silo Photo:

    100 Ton Hopper Bottom Silo

    100 Ton Hopper Bottom Silo ---Steel Cone Base:

    100 Ton Steel Cone Base Silo

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