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Steel Structure Warehouse

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Now, most people adopt a fast and safety way for building a workshop, warehouse, which used widely in industrial factory .

Steel Structure Warehouse is widely known as workshop use in daily . Steel Structure Warehouse with his special features show us a Modern fast engineering.

1. Wall and roof materials : EPS/Rockwool/PU/PIR Sandwich Panel

2. Color: normally, white gray, blue and red;
3. Moudle: Single slope or double slop;
4. Window material: Plastic steel or aluminum, swing or slidding
5. Door: EPS Sandwich panel, PU sandwich Panel, Plastic steel or Aluminum.

I-Beam Steel-Structure-WarehouseChannelEPS-PanelCorrugated-Single-Sheet
Advantages :

1. It can save time and can be installed in any weather

2. Attractive design: the whole warehouse looks beautiful and elegant. The inner, outer walls and the roof boarding all use the color steel sandwich panel, the filling material could be thermal

3. Fire-proof,Waterproof, heat/cold-insulation,non-shrinking and enlarge the work size and have little pollution.  Also Anti earthquake.

4. Easy to assemble and dismantle: the warehouse can be rebuilt for dozens of times. The assembling only requires simple tools: plugs and screw.

5. Firm structure: the warehouse adopts steel frame structure and sandwich panels.

6.  Light weight and convenient in shipping

7. Customized. The roof, wall, door, windows can be chosen by the customer.

8. Durable: the steel frame parts are all processed with anti-corrosion coating and can be used for as long as 50 years from the design.