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Semolina milling machine in Congo

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In RDC, a 30 tons per 24 hours semolina milling machine running smoothly 3 years already .As a professional grain mill manufacturer, we offer the technology according to customer's situation, our machine can produce super fine corn flour, semolina,we say corn grits or semolina.In order to keep long time ,we remove the germ and bran out from the final product .

A good final flour means without bran, without black-dot. Cleaning section is the basic section in Flour mill plant,we adopt the damper to give moisture on the dry maize or wheat surface, just in order to let the water inside the grain body sufficiently and uniformly.So the grain will be soften, easy to grind ,the final product color will be brighter.

While the milling section is the key part in wheat flour mill or maize milling machine .Roller mill and Sifter are grinding and sifting,Bran Brusher remove the bran out.This 30 ton/day corn flour mill plant adopt the semi-auto weight packing ,we can also change the full-auto packing machine.

Same capacity we have different configuration, which is according to customers' request for the final product , If mainly product is semolina, then in the milling section, we adopt Crusher and Grinder Mill,thus final products like 30-40 mesh for grits for staple food;if mainly product is super fine corn flour like 60-80 mesh, then we adopt roller mill and sifter to grind more times and classification more grades flour .

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