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Goldrain Flour Mill

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When we say Flour Mill, there are mainly three types in our mind : Wheat Flour MillMaize Flour Mill and Rice Milling Machine .Comparing the Rice Milling Machine, the Wheat Flour Mill and Maize Milling Machine's technology are more complicated .Wheat and Maize both granular types,when people harvest them from land, many different types impurities mixed, so we have to use different cleaning functions machines to clean them first :

High efficient vibrating sieve----Magnetic separator---Gravity classify destoner----Wheat Scourer----Damper----Washer----Plan revolving sifter----Cleaning Bin

Then Cleaning section is finish.

Cleaned grains will continue working to the Milling section, we adopt Roller Mill to grind grain into granular until powder. How we get super fine flour ?

Double bin sifter and Plan Square Sifter to classify and sifting different size grits,

Another key machine is Purifier,which adopt the wind selection and sifting selection principle to Purification and Classification for the flour and grits, separate into big-middle-small types flour. This is we say " Mesh" or " Micron".

After grinding and sifting the grits and flour, the last step is Packing. Auto weight Flour Packing Machine to package different types: 1-5 kg/bag,10kg,20kg,25kg,50kg.

Before the rice milling plant, we know it's Paddy first, then Cleaning----Husker----Separator----Whiter----Rice Grader----Polisher---Packing. Until now we get the super fine bright rice. If you want the rice flour or powder , then we continue adopt Roller Mill and Crusher to deep process like the above wheat and maize milling section .

So in a word, different grains adopt different technology ,we Goldrain design unique configuration according to customers' request .

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