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Grain Silo

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Grain Silo is equivalent to a bin used to storage grains (wheat,corn,paddy,soybean etc).It's assembled by corrugated steel sheets,using bolts to connected .The complete processing line for the grain storage silo has 4 parts :
1. Raw grain part:
 As usual , the raw grain contents a lot of impurities, which will do harm to working machine, block it, shorten the machine’s working life during the storage processing, it will cause problems for the machine before loading the grain .
Besides, such impurities will low grain storage quality and shorten storage time. Because if the existing of impurities, it contains more bacteria and easy getting mildew and this is the beginning of the whole grain’s mildew.

So clean is important for long time storage.Grain Cleaning Machine and Dust remove machine help us clean well the grain.


2. Transport part:

   "How can we put the grain into the silo and how we get the grain from the silo ?" 
    This is a question many people asked, yes, we use the bucket elevator to lift the grain ( vertical support) and  scraper conveyor (horizontal support) to conveying the grains into the silo, this is the Loading line. 

    About the Unload : if it's the Hopper bottom silo, then the grain could be discharged directly itself according to the cone bucket.  If it's cement silo or flat bottom silo,we will adopt the Sweep auger to discharge the grain out .


3. Silo Part:
Steel silo assembled by silo body and silo top.
1. Silo body:
high quality hot galvanized steel plates -----rolled into corrugation and made into standard connection holes-----plates are connected by high strength screw bolts 
   ---Steel plates:
    1): Plates interval is injected by water-proof daub belts that are for aviation special    purpose .
    2):silo plates' thickness distribution is set according to equal strength theory which makes the silo plates bear average stress. The vertical friction is supported by the stiffeners.
   ---Screw bolts:
round galvanized steel washers and connection holes with age-resistant and water-proof washers 
The Silo body Assisted with :
1) repairing door

2) outside ladder


2. Silo top:
The silo top adopts umbrella frame and the frame material is made of C model straight carbon steel. The ceiling is made of galvanized steel tile plates. the silo top served with natural ventilation windows, manhole, ladder, safety guards.

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