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Parboiled Rice Mill Plant

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In grain processing machinery industry, there is also Rice Milling Machine, except the Rice Mill, there is another processing way : Parboiled Rice Mill Plant .For Parboiled Rice Mill, it has 2 parts, the Parboiling part and Parboiled Rice Processing Part.The Parboiling part including paddy cleaning, Soaking, Cooking, Drying, packing.The Parboiled Rice Processing Part including Paddy cleaning and destoning, Paddy Husking and Sorting,  Rice Whitening and Grading, Rice Polishing Machine and Rice Color Sorter .

Parboiling Rice Mill Process Description :
1) Cleaning
Remove the dust from paddy.
2) Soaking. 
Purpose: In order to make paddy absorb enough water, create conditions for starch pasting.
During the course of starch pasting paddy must absorb above 30% water,ortherwise it will not be able to fully steam the paddy in next step and thus to influence the quality of rice.
3)Cooking (Steaming ). 
After soaking the inside of endosperm has got much water, now its time to steam the paddy to realize starch pasting.
Steaming can change the physical structure of rice and keep the nutrition, to increase the production ratio and make rice easy to store.
4) Drying and cooling. 
Purpose: In order to make moisture reduced from 35% to 14%.
To reduce moisture can greatly increase the production ratio and make rice easy to store and transport.
Parboiled Rice Mill
Parboiled Rice Mill Process Description :
5) Husking. 
After soaking and steaming it will be very easy to husk the paddy , also prepare for the next milling step .
Usage: mainly used for rice hulling and separate the mixture with rice husk.
6) Rice Whitening and Grading 
Usage: Using the difference in the size of rice particles, through the four different diameter round hole sieve plate continuous screening, separation of complete rice and broken, so as to achieve the purpose of grading rice.
Rice Grading machine is used to separate different quality rice and separate broken rice from the good ones.
7) Polishing:
polishing the rice to change their appearance, taste, and texture
8) Color sorting:
The rice we get from above step still has some bad rice, broken rice or some other grains or stone.
So here we use color sorting machine to select the bad rice and other grains.
Divide the rice grade according to their color, ?Color sorting machine is an important machine to ensure we can get high quality rice.
9) Packing:

Automatic weighing and packing machine to package the rice into 5kg 10kg or 25kg 50kg bags. This machine is electric type, you can set it like a small computer, then it will start working according to your request.