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Customer Visit Flour Milling Machine

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On these two days, we have new customer who come from Peru, they visit our factory and see each machinery used in the Complete Flour Milling PlantLater we went to the Wheat Flour Mill Factory see the running plant, both the 30 ton / day Flour Mill Machine and the 80 ton / day Wheat Flour Mill are steel structure  model, each line consist of raw grain Cleaning Section, Tempering section, Grinding and Sifting section, final products Packing Section .

Our GOLDRAIN Flour Milling Machine can process both hard wheat and soft wheat into different final products: semolina, wheat flour, remove bran out, high configuration technology can classifying more super fine flour, which improve better flour output。

As usual, three levels for the final product : Standard Flour, Grade 1 flour, Grade 2 flour . The different between them is the ash inside the flour .The main support structure is made of three levels: the roller mills are located on the ground floor; the sifters are installed on the first floor and the cyclones and pneumatic pipes are on the second floor. The materials from the roller mill are lifting by a pneumatic transferring system. The whole wheat milling machine can be installed in a warehouse and individual designs can meet customer different requirements.

Features of this flour processing plant:
1. Rollers mills are manufactured precisely and controlled by manual or pneumatic mode. It can make better grinding effect compared with other ordinary flour processing plant.
2. Complete set of wheat flour processing plant adopt various configuration modes for different choices. They are of steamlined design, reasonable layout, beautiful performance. It can be installed on frame structure or in building structure.
3. The flour processing plant is with advanced technical process and flexible adjustment. It can produce grade flour and special flour, etc.

Flexible design : 1.in the cleaning section, we design the flow according to your grain condition
2. In the milling section, we have two configuration by using different roller mills.
3. Final products flour extraction could be adjusted .

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