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Grain Cleaning Machinery

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In a Flour Mill Plant, the basic step is the Grain Cleaning Equipment, this line includes High efficiency vibrating sieve,Degerminator,Peeling Machine,Horizontal wheat scourer,Plane revolving sifter and Destoner etc. All these equipment have the same purpose,which is to clean the grain efficiently ,removing big and small impurities from the grain . These Cleaning machines used widely in Small Flour Mill and Large Flour Milling Factory .

Vibrating sieve

to remove small and large impurities by horizontal and vertical slinking movement.

Air Channel:

 it is used after seperator and horizontal scourer. Cleaning by the air flow .

Magnetic separator / Drum tube:  

They are mainly used to separate the magnetic metal impurities from the material used to purify metal materials from dust or granular products. Through to high magnetic power, It can catch to small metal things such as balls of bearings. It does not consume energy due to natural magnet.

Wheat Scourer

It’s very important condition for the decreasing of ash content and increasing of high quality flour to remove the final vestiges of dust, bread, crease dirt and any other surface dirt .

Plane revolving sieve

After scourer, we need Classify .it separate large impurities (such as stones earth lumps,straws, paper)and smaller impurities(loose earth, smaller seeds)from wheat by mean of plane motion of sieve box .

Gravity Classifier Destoner

to remove the stone and other same impurities.

Dampener / Dampening mixer:  Angled intensive dampener 
This machine is used for flour and semolina production plant provides fast wetting for grain by water, saving dampening time. The rotor consists of steel pallets. It is the effective equipment for cleaning of grain from glumes, because of the fact that the grain is moving on in machine as squeezed
1.Keep complete bran :remove the Endosperm from the bran.
                   Guarantee the flour quality and improve the flour extraction rate .
                 2. Easy milling : After water in the endosperm increases, its strength is reduced, moving the grinding consumption decreased and endosperm easily pulverized into a powder.
                 3. Easy separation: the bonding force between the bran and endosperm weakened, easy separation of the bran and endosperm