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Customer Visit Wheat Flour Mill

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In Nov.2017, we have customer from Tanzania , which is located East Africa.After looking around our Flour Mill Factory, he is very interested in the 15-20 Ton / Day Wheat Flour Mill and Maize Mill, so we show him a running plant.The Flour Milling Line is a 30-40 Ton / Day plant, which is a full-automatic Wheat Flour Milling Machine, this milling line processing wheat into flour ,complete from Cleaning section,milling section to flour packing machine .

When he touch the flour produced by this Flour Mill Machine,our customer is very satisfied ,because the flour very fineness and without bran and black dot mixed in the flour. Also , the flour extraction rate up to 78%, suitable for making bread and biscuit.Except processing soft wheat, this grain milling machine could process hard wheat (durum wheat ) also, then the final products will be semolina which used for doing paste often.

This Wheat Mill is Horizontal design,which consider the workshop size, of course, we can design as vertical if your workshop height is enough.After that, we visit the Agricultural Machinery, such as Tractor,Power Tiller,Sprayer,Corn Peeling Machine,Mini Cultivator,Planter and Harvester.All we know In Africa, the farm industry develop fast now and big demand for these Agricultural Machines.