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Have you pay attention to grain processing machinery ?

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Every era, every country will in the agricultural revolution,whether developed or developing countries because agriculture is the basis for survival.And each of us has an obligation to change lives,getting better and better.

Smile can be cured,Machinery can change。

In Africa, the advantage is abundant grains:wheat,corn,paddy,soya,peanuts etc .Wheat flour mill processing wheat into flour ,and flour used for baking bread,biscuit,cake etc .Maize flour machine grinding maize into different final products: corn flour,corn meal, select germ for oil plant, bran making for animal fodder.While the peanuts can be processed into oil , and husking paddy into white rice---Rice Mill . Processing palm into oil also.....many many opportunities in Africa, around you !

Flour, Edible oil as our staple food in daily life, big demands for everybody.Now, the technological innovation and change greatly improve work efficiency.For example,the Flour milling machine can produce 3 types flour: Standard flour,Grade 1 flour and grade 2 flour . Also can process not only soft wheat but also hard wheat, so you can get semolina for doing paste and couscous.While for the Corn Flour Machine, it can process corn into corn flour, corn meal,rollermeal etc, in different country, they have different name: such as the mealie meal , which is the staple food in Zambia, and it is a relatively coarse flour,Tanzania there are Skimmed maize flour-----super sembe, no skimmed-----dona.Samp is a South African food consisting of dried corn kernels that have been stamped and chopped until broken but not as fine as Mealie-meal or mielie rice....

Anyway,we Goldrain offer the turn-key project for you, from designing to test running ,as grain machinery manufacturer,we always uphold the faith of quality first!Thank you ~