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Wheat Flour Mill Features

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The Wheat Flour Mill can process Hard wheat and Soft wheat and is capable of producing high quality flour.If process soft wheat,you can get :grade 1 flour, grade 2 flour;If process hard wheat,you can get :semolina and wheat flour.The wheat flour mill adopts two stages milling processing: when wheat is fed into the mill it first passes through a coarse-grinding milling section, and is then finely grinned by the high speed milling screen section.

Advantages of wheat flour mill:

(1) Turnkey project .

(2) Advanced technology support and customized design.

(3) Thorough crafts and rational allocation.

(4) Low power consumption.

(5) Perfect after-sales service.

(6) One year guarantee.

The wheat flour mill makes it possible to easily produce the same high quality flour as a commercial mill, but from the convenience of the bakery. Farmers must rely on large, specialized wheat flour mill to produce flour for bread, as the flour must be finely milled with a very fineness type.Flour mill especially small flour mill becomes a top priority if one wants to manufacture flour because people need to use flour mill in order to produce edible flour that every family consumes.

Since the wheat flour mill is equipped with less input, low energy consumption, production quality higher and so on, it is welcomed by vast rural customers. There are numbers of things to consider if you are trying to purchase high quality flour mill: such as your raw grain, the workshop ( steel structure warehouse ), the flour packing bags and so on .