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6FDR-20 Rice Milling Plant

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6FDR-20 Rice Milling Plant
Technical Parameters
Capacity: 20-30 Ton / Day Raw Grain: paddy
Workshop size: 7500*1900*3720 Mm Power: 44 kw

    Reference to the Small Rice Milling Plant, It is able to clean the paddy into rice , and then deep process rice into flour. Let's learn more about the Small Rice Milling Plant:

    Many single machine make up the Rice Milling Machine, the whole line include cleaning section, milling section and packing section, which is similar with wheat flour mill and maize milling machine process. 

    Rice Milling Plant Flow Chart:

    Paddy Cleaner → Destoner→Husker → Paddy Separator→Rice Whitener→Rice Grader→water polisher→Color Sorter→Packing

    1. Cleaning section:

    Name: High Vibrating sieve

    Usage: Grain Cleaning
     to clean out the impurities from the paddy, make sure the quality and the safety of the machine .
    Name: Husking and separating
    Usage: mainly used for rice hulling and separate the mixture with rice husk.


    2.Rice whitener and grading:

    Name: Rice Whitener And Rice Grader
    Usage: Using the difference in the size of rice particles, through the four different diameter round hole sieve plate continuous screening, separation of complete rice, rice, broken and broken, so as to achieve the purpose of grading rice.

    Rice whitener Rice Grader

    3. Rice Polisher and Sorter:
    In order to get different super fine rice, weName: Polishing and color sorting
    Usage: Rice Polisher: A machine to polishing the rice to change their appearance, taste, and texture
                 Rice Color sorting: Divide the rice grade according to their color to get bright rice .


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