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6FYDT-100 Maize Grits Mill

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6FYDT-100 Maize Grits Mill
Technical Parameters
Capacity: 100 Ton / Day Super Fine Flour: 80~85%
Final Products: Corn Flour,corn Grits Dimension: 39000*12000*19000 mm
Container: 40"GP * 4

    We Goldrain offer Maize Grits Mill with different models, small scale maize mill are horizontal structure, such as 5 ton---30 ton / day corn mill line, some middle scale Maize milling machine is Vertical steel structure, such as 100 tons --150 tons per day Corn flour mill, while for the large capacity Maize milling plant it is Building structure .

    1.Production capacity: 10-300 Ton (maize)/24 H

    2.  Products variety:

    1) Maize fine flour, all through 44 mesh (400 micron) sieve

    2) Maize rice;

    3) Maize germ;

    4) Maize bran;

    5) Coarse Fodder.

    3.  Extraction rate:

    1)  Fine Maize flour: 30~40%

    2)  Maize rice: 35-40%
    3)  Maize germ: 8-10%

    4)  Maize bran and Fodder flour: 10-14%

    The flour extraction rate could be adjustable according to your requirement.

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