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6FYDT-50 Corn Grits Mill

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6FYDT-50 Corn Grits Mill
Technical Parameters
Type: 50 tons Corn Grits Mill Installation : 30 days
Model: Steel Structure

    We Goldrain is specializing in the production of Corn Grits Mill appearance, durable, convenient operation, stable and reliable performance. The corn a one-time finish cleaning, removing embryo, root, black umbilical, crushing, grits, classification, polishing, select. The corn mill line is widely used in personal processing and large feed stuff, corn flour, corn grits processing factory. Corn grits and corn coarse flour can be processed into corn porridge flakes, fast food corn flour, corn oil, corn noodles products, widely used in grain and oil markets, supermarkets, schools, government offices, canteens and other units.

    Corn mill line Brief introductions:

    1.Production capacity: 50t/24h

    2. Products variety: 1) Maize fine flour, all  2) Maize germ ; 3) Maize bran; 4) Fodder flour

    3.Flour extraction rate
                              1) Maize fine flour: 80~85%
                              2) Maize germ: 7-10%
                              3) Bran: 8-12


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