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Maize Processing Plant

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Maize Processing Plant
Technical Parameters
Application: Maize Voltage: 380V
Appearance: Vertical Raw Grain: Maize,corn
Final Products: Corn Flour,grits,germ,bran Capacity: 10 Ton /24 H--300 Tons/24 H

    Maize Processing Plant

    We Goldrain produce Maize Flour Milling Production Line with capacity 10 Tons /24 hours---300 Tons / 24 Hours, you can process Corn / Maize into corn flour, corn grits, by-product will be germ and bran. Bigger Maize flour plant will select more proportion germ, which can used to extract oil in Oil processing plant, while small capacity Corn flour mill plant, the germ always mixed with bran used for Animal fodder.

    The process of Maize Processing Plant:

    The process of flour milling (from wheat to milled into wheat flour) usually consist of the following: 1. wheat storage (silos, or warehouse) ---------- 2. cleaning system (sifter, destoner, seprater, magnet, scourer, etc) ----------- 3. dampening (dampener, conditioning silos, etc) ---------- 4. milling system (roller mill, plansifter, purifier, impact detacher, etc.) ---------- 5. Flour pressure and blending system (if need) ---------- 6. flour packing and stacking

    Maize Flour Milling Production Line Advantage:

    1.Advanced technology support and customized design.

    2. Dust-free design and low power consumption.

    3. Perfect after-sales service.

    4. One year guarantee.

    this kind of refine processing of corn equipment technical parameter

    1.Different kinds of finish product:corn grits,corn flour,corn bran.

    2. Finish product rate:corn grits:about 44-55%;corn flour about 20-30%;corn bran:about 25%,total finish product rate of corn grits and corn flour is 75%-80%.

    Finished product quality specifications

    1.corn flour`s fineness:40-150 mesh(fineness can be adjust freely)

    2.Sand content:no more than 0.002%

    3.Magnetic metal content:no more than 0.003g/kg

    4.Humidity: NAND:13.5-14.5%

    5.Color &Smell:pink,smell and taste normal

    6.Fat content:1-2%


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