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GR-S500 Grain Silo For Sale

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GR-S500 Grain Silo For Sale
Technical Parameters
Silo Capacity : 500 MT Silo diameter : 8.3 m
Zinc Coating: 275 G / M2 Installation: Assemble Silo
Silo Sheets: Corrugated

    There're roof vents, manhole, outside ladders, inside ladders, square silo door and platform with the Steel corn silo. The silo roof and silo body plates are made of hot dip galvanized sheets, zinc coating by 275g/m2.Steel silo Ventilation system includes fan, ventilation pipes/planks, circular ducts(this part could be painted or galvanized, for hopper bottom sheets only)

    Grain Silo Technical Parameters :  

    Silo bottom:  Hopper bottom silo
    Silo capacity: 500 tonnes steel silo
    Diameter:  8.3 meter
    Silo Volume: 714 CBM
    Grain Silo Auxiliary System:    
    1. Ventilation System   
    2. Temperature Sensor System
    3. Fumigation System
    4. Thermal Insulation System
    Discharge:  scraper conveyor

    Grain Silo

    Grain Silo Packaging & Shipping

    Steel Framed Supported Grain Silo Wall Plate For easy Unloading, Storage. Wire tied Stiffener, Steel Case Packed Bolts and small components, All these make the unloading, components storage much more easy.


    Our Services :
    • Galvanized Steel Sheet was guaranteed for 25 years against oxidation&corrosion.
    • Foundation Design delivered in 7 days after receipt Deposit and Local Geological Survey Report.
    • Guide Installation will be done according to requirement.
    • One year oversea technician jobs provided.

    steel silo for grain storage
    Galvanized feed silo small grain silo for sale

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