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6FYDT-30 Corn Processing Machine

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6FYDT-30 Corn Processing Machine
Technical Parameters
Capacity: 30 tons/ 24 hours Final Products: corn flour, corn meal,germ, bran
Power: 85 kw Workshop size: 18*12*6.5 m

    Goldrain Corn Processing Machine has two parts, cleaning part consists of cleaner, destoning,dampening, degerminator and the milling parts mainly use roller mills and double sifters.This series maize flour mill is usually designed in steel structure. Our maize flour mill have scientific design and configuration, elegant appearance, high efficiency, low power consumption, low production costs, with low noise and zero pollution.

    1. Production capacity: 30tons corn/24h

    2. Production variety:

                              1) Maize fine flour; 2) Maize big rice; 3) Maize small rice; 4) Maize germ; 5) Maize bran;  6) Fodder flour

    3. Production extraction:

                             1) Maize rice: 35-45%

                             2) Maize fine flour: 30-40%

                             3) Maize germ: 6-10%

                            4) Maize bran and Fodder flour: 14-10%

    corn flour

    30 ton /24hrs Corn Processing Machine Photos :

    corn flour mill plant

    flour mill

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