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6FTF-20 Maize Flour Plant

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6FTF-20 Maize Flour Plant
Technical Parameters
Capacity: 20 ton / 24 hours 1) Maize rice: 45-55%
: 2) Maize fine flour: 35-25%
: 3) Maize germ: 6-10%
: 4) Maize bran and Fodder flour: 14-10%

    The 20 Tons/24 Hours Maize Flour Processing Plant consists of cleaning conditioning part,milling sifting part,and final products packing part.

    Maize Flour Processing Plant has the feature of low investment and high efficiency, and it can produce continuously. Its design is principle, operation is simple, maintenance is easy and covers little area.The Wheat Flour Processing Plant of this series of compact wheat flour mill are designed and installed together with the steel structure support .

    Technique data:

    1. Production capacity: 20 tons corn/24h

    2. Production variety:

    1Maize fine flour2Maize big rice;3) Maize small rice; 4)Maize germ;5) Maize bran;6) Fodder flour

    3. Flour extraction rate:

    1) Maize rice:45-55%

    2) Maize fine flour:35-25%

    3) Maize germ: 6-10%

    4) Maize bran and Fodder flour:14-10%

    4. Workshop: L×W×H25×7.5×5.5m

    5. Power supply: About 72kW


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